Author: Ashley Wilson

  • Chatbot Testing: Why Chatbots Are the Future of Software Testing

    testing, IT, software

    The launch of world-changing software begins with effective software testing. For years, companies have experimented with various manual and automated processes to help pinpoint potential inefficiencies in their technology. Now, many experts agree that using AI and chatbots in software testing will transform the way we analyze our technology for good. Already, we’ve begun to […]

  • What to Consider Before Buying a Course on Chatbot Development

    bot, chatbot, course, training

    Chatbots have become a popular, cost-efficient solution that introduces automatization to a business wherever possible. The potential of chatbots is vast, from answering inquiries and managing bookings to improving customer experience and lowering business costs. While it makes perfect sense to sign up for a course about developing one, knowing how to distinguish between a […]

  • 5 Ways Chatbots Can Help Students in Distant Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    chatbots, education, students, covid-19

    Disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning have entered all aspects of our lives. We have smart assistants in the workplace, connected devices in the home, and even chatbots in the school classroom. As distance learning grows more popular, the dependence on technology has grown as well. In conditions such as the current global […]